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Large Healthcare System in the Northeast

Senior Consultant (2 years, 9 months)


Engaged to support and guide organization as they were at the beginning of the design phase of rolling out the full suite of Cerner Millennium applications to 24 facilities, across the US, over three domains/time-zones.  Cerner site implementing 2012 code.

CCL Expert:  Designed, built and implemented reports, queries and audits for use across applications teams including CareNet, Scheduling, Registration, CPOE, Leadership, FirstNet, PathNet, Pharmacy and Core.  Reports included labels, prescriptions, formatted layouts and spreadsheet output.  Also worked with Core team to setup Operations jobs to automatically schedule output to printers.  Utilized Olympus application to cycle appropriate servers.  Trained other staff new to Cerner, healthcare information technology and CCL.

Discern Rules:  Designed, built and implemented Discern Rules for inpatient, observation and outpatient.   Recommended when best to use an alert versus a reporting mechanism to not create alert fatigue.  Built rules using the 2012 Discern EKM Developer tool.  Able to combine ccl internally with rules to make them more functional if templates are not available for design logic.  Also utilized the Escalation Tool to provide delayed notification per Rule design.  Assisted client with implementing several Lighthouse modules and Meaningful Use Rules to drive physician adoption of EHR.  Trained new team members not familiar with Discern Rules build applications.

Integration Expert:  Involved in integration meetings to identify items that impact the ccl/rules team.  Also made suggestions for other teams such as CareNet and FirstNet where my expertise could play a role in identifying integrated solutions such as orders/tasks and clinical documentation that may be driven by a rule.

Project Management:  Assisted in the development of project request forms for the ccl team including project tracking spreadsheets.  Brought in to recommend design considerations for issue tracking software options used across application teams.  Assisted in initial development of issue tracking workflows from initial request to follow up with end user.

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